Change Management™ Foundation and Practitioner Certification

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Dealing effectively with change is a high priority for organizations today. Change Management Foundation and Practitioner levels present the latest knowledge theory and best practices in effective change management along with professional certification.

At the Foundation level, you will be introduced to change management theory and techniques. You will explore and consider which of these could be effectively implemented in your organization.

In the Practitioner-level course, you will focus on how to apply and tailor change management guidance in a given organizational change situation. A successful Practitioner candidate should be able to start applying the change management approaches and techniques to a real change

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"The best Change Management knowledge package out there"

It's quite hard to build a 5 day course with so much knowledge to go through. In my experience, for knowledge, it's the best reference book out there. The conduction was excellent and given by a great trainer. I've done quite a few certifications through the years and Mark really brought it together like no other. There was a business case we worked on the first 2 days that could have brought more depth if continued through to day 4. As practitioners we need to enhance further more our knowledge integration and practical tools utilization.

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Hi Stefan. Thank you for taking the time to add these comments about the Change Management course and for providing others with insight into what to expect when they take this certification-level course.

"Good overview of change management methodology, but a lot of time spent on exam prep."

The content covered was a comprehensive overview of change management principles and methodology. The facilitator had ample expertise and the textbook and training materials were useful. However, a lot of classtime was spent on exam preparation. I would have preferred more time dedicated to classroom discussion and activities to enhance my learning and better prepare me for application on the job.

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Hi Patty. Thank you for your assessment of the course. It can be challenging to ensure that everyone feels that enough time is spent on discussion and activities as well as preparation for the exam. We appreciate your insight.

"An excellent grounding in Change Management"

I attended this course last week, and was extremely impressed. The instructor made the experienced a relaxed and fascinating experience, with illustrative, real-life (and often funny!) examples for every situation. I have some change management experience, and this course gave me the knowledge to understand the situations I have experienced, and to be a stronger, more confident change manager in the future.

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Hi Devon. Thank you for your review of Change Management Foundation and Practitioner. We appreciate all the work our instructor, Mark Eldridge, has done to make the course a great learning experience for those undertraining the certification.

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