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Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our strategic objectives?’ Investment is the key word because portfolio management is about investing in the right change initiatives and implementing them correctly. MoP achieves this by ensuring that:

– The programmes and projects undertaken are prioritised in terms of their contribution to the organisation’s strategic objectives and overall level of risk Programmes and projects are managed consistently to ensure efficient and effective delivery.

– Benefits realisation is maximised to provide the greatest return (in terms of strategic contribution and efficiency savings) from the investment made.

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"Gives a great structure to put Portfolio Management into practice"

A good, well balanced course. A focus on preparing for the 2 examinations but still allowing time for useful peer discussion in the classroom which helped to deepen understanding of the topic in a practical way. Course material was good, and evening work was expected with plenty of practice questions available. Yes, I would recommend the course.

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Date: 19 Sep 2016

Course name: MoP - Management of Portfolios Foundation & Practitioner
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"perfect tool to assess maurity of your Portfolio"

As many other PM training, the content is linked to an ideal portfolio management practice. This, with the help of an excellent trainer support, helps to understand how to improve the quality of your daily job targeting realistic objectives.

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"Perfect course for my needs."

We had arranged for a 3-day in house Management of Portfolios Foundations course. I attended with about 10 of my colleagues in the USA. This course was perfectly designed for me to both learn the MoP principles in sufficient detail and to allow the instructor time to engage with our team in discussions around how to apply MoP in our R&D environment. The instructor had an excellent and deep knowledge of the subject matter. Everyone who took the course passed the exam!"

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