Finally…a female majority project management statistic!

55 percent women

I’ve been in the project management industry for about 19 years, and I cannot recall ever seeing a statistic that indicated a female majority… today that changes. You are most welcome to burst my happy statistical bubble if I’m wrong, but until someone does that, I shall rejoice in the following: “55% of customer reviews written about project management related courses on Course Conductor, are written by women.” Read the rest

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The Great Trainer Snobbery.

great train snobbery

I always want the best in everything I do, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a complete snob when it comes to three things…shoes, hotels and training courses. This article is about the latter, and how great professional trainers are changing the landscape of the global training industry. What is a great trainer? When it comes to professional training (specifically courses in the classroom format) the “best course” is

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20 five-star course reviews for SPOCE!

spoce 5 star reviews

It’s impossible to know how good your project, program or portfolio management course will be…that is, until now. I’m pleased to tell you that has started to award the best project management training providers in the industry with Five-Star Course Review badges. These badges are only awarded to training providers that achieve the milestones of 10, 20, 50 and 100 five-star course reviews on For professionals and companies looking for high-quality

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The future of learning: In 9 sci-fi movies.


This blog follows on from my LinkedIn article discussing 9 sci-fi films that define a potential future ‘learning-fact’. The concept is, that science fiction movies are great at forecasting science fact.  Therefore, they are also good at forecasting ‘learning-fact’. I decided on Lucy (2010) as the 9th film.  This is why… In the future, developments in nanotechnology will enable us to evolve at a molecular level using pills. The pills will enable us

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Intangible Project Benefits: “Liar, liar, pants on fire”​.

Screenshot 2017-02-02 08.26.42

If there are two words that send a shiver down people’s spine as they write (or read) a business case it “intangible benefits”. Benefits management has become the rock star of the project management world over the last few years. The needle has been moving, we’ve seen a global certification launched by APMG International in 2012, called Managing Benefits (refreshed in 2014); then in 2016 we saw more traction when PMI released some awesome thought leadership

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Would you recommend your PRINCE2 / PMP Prep training course to a colleague?


I can’t remember the exact year I did my PRINCE2 Practitioner course but I do remember listening to a cassette of Oasis on the way to the course, so it must have been about 1999. I still remember the course. It was spectacular, and looking back over the last 18 years it was instrumental in my career, as well as saving my back side on a number of occasions (I will always love you product based

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The Queen just made project management a chartered profession – so what?

APM Chartered Project Professional

President Obama signed into law the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA). This means the Executive Agencies of the United States federal government have to, by law, use project and program management standards. High five President Obama, and the Project Management Institute (PMI) who advised during the process (you can read Part 1 of my article about that here ). Then, as we are all standing up applauding POTUS,

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Obama just legalised project management – so what?


Should we be excited that the President of the United States just formally legalized program and project management by signing the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA)? Hell yeah we should! I’ve just published the first of a two-part article on LinkedIn that explains the new law in a bit more detail (you can read the official law here), describes who is doing what, and why everyone in the project, program

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PMI Montreal & are Trusted Partners.

Screenshot 2017-01-26 15.22.06

PMI-Montreal are the most recent organisation to join our community of Trusted Partners, and I’m really proud about that. Our Trusted Partners are organizations that like us are dedicated to helping project management professionals enhance their skills and achieve their career dreams. PMI-Montreal joins our other Trusted Partners – APMG International, PMI United Kingdom and TSO. Louise Fournier, PMI-Montreal’s Executive Director says, “Listing our courses on provides participants

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How ‘social’ is the project management training industry?


I’m so pleased to announce that we’ve completed a 2 month piece of research that investigates the use of social media across the global project management training industry. Some incredible things were discovered, such as only 56% of all training providers are using social media, only 20% of training providers use YouTube.  You can read my article in full here on LinkedIn or if you would prefer to download the infographic

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What to do when your good course goes bad.

22777151 - rotten apple among good apples

Over the last few weeks five people have told me that they were very unhappy with the quality of their recent project management course. Complaints have included the inexperience of the trainer, logistical failings such as pre-read course material being delivered on the first day of the course, one 5 day classroom course was cancelled then re-scheduled over a weekend via skype. Just today, my lunch guest (a senior Program Office Manager)

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Who is the best training provider at Project Challenge?

useproject-challenge took part as an exhibitor at Project Challenge this year.  We had a lot of fun talking to people about their courses and their learning experience…oh and that yellow suit was talked about a lot too! One question that I was asked a lot was “who is the best training provider”. So I showed each person the star rating for the training providers on, I showed them the

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How customer reviews are taking the project management training world to the next level.

IIL on Project Management Training Customer Reviews

I visited the IIL HQ in NYC a few weeks ago as the team was ramping up to use Course Conductor. Here’s some interesting questions and answers between IIL CEO, E. LaVerne Johnson, and myself about the importance of unbiased customer reviews in project management training courses.

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Why drowning last weekend made me think of project management training.


Last weekend I was about 10 seconds away from death.   It happened in Minneapolis after I jumped into a lake to save my fiancée’s hat. After being saved by my fiancée and driven home, I kept thinking about how this near death experience was a good analogy for project management training. This article on LinkedIn explains the experience, the similarities with project management training and the lessons I learnt. Best, Craig  

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How The PMPs of Today are Helping The PMPs of Tomorrow

PMPs of Today Helping PMPs of Tomorrow

I’ve been a member of PMI for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never really got involved in the community as such. If I’m brutally honest, I thought it would be boring and, combined with a somewhat nomadic 15 years, various project commitments and a sprinkle of obligatory life drama… it was never really a priority, sorry to say. This year, that all changed. In May, I attended

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How 5-star training providers talk to customers


User Generated Content (UGC) is content that is created by people like you and me. We are real people that have experienced a real product or service and then we share our personal opinion about that experience in some way. This is more valuable than corporate marketing materials because potential customers know it has been written by an unbiased customer.

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“Sexy Stats” in the project management world


If you are the same as me and think statistics are sexy, don’t worry you’re not that weird. In fact we are in very good company because Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian once said that “the sexy job in the next ten years will be statisticians.”

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Listen to The Lazy Project Manager and


No doubt you’ve heard of the aka Peter Taylor (PMO practitioner, speaker, blogger and author). Peter and I met earlier this year in Poland as we were both speaking at a conference. A Meeting of Project Management Minds on a Podcast It was pretty clear from the start that we both share a love of all things PMO and progressing the Project Management industry (it turns out that we both have pretty similar

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PPM Training Testimonials are dead…long live Customer Reviews.


Forrester says customer reviews affect the purchasing decision of 70% of customers and only 14% of customers trust adverts made by companies themselves…this is pretty incredible and goes to show how powerful your voice is today! I wonder, does the same apply for us as we look for the best project management training courses?   Let’s test it out: Imagine you’re looking for your next project management course, who do you trust more…the

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Why every project management course should be an Adele Concert.


I went to see Adele in concert last week in Minnesota. I was telling my buddies about it last night and showed them the video I recorded on my phone from her opening song, Hello. All three of us didn’t talk for a few minutes because it was so spectacularly good, even on a phone. Here’s the start of the opening song for you…   I mentioned to Dazla that

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The stars are aligning for PMI Power Talks: 18th July


You’ll have to wait until the year 2040 to see Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury occupy the same part of the sky.    However, if you don’t want to wait another 24 years, there’s an equally impressive gathering of planetary-sized portfolio brains aligning on the 18th July, at the inaugural PMI Power Talks in London.

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How important is your voice?


I believe the answer is “Crucially important”, for two reasons. Reason 1:  Your voice can be a Hallelujah moment for your team  One of the most important things I’ve learned during many years of building project portfolio delivery communities is to curate an energized environment where everyone on the team feels comfortable to contribute their opinions, ask stupid questions, highlight concerns, suggest crazy ideas or identify potential risks. I’m sure

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Welcome to

linkedIn Header connects you to the best courses, everywhere.  Think of as ‘Trip Advisor’ for project management training. Why is it, that we can easily find the best hotel or the best restaurant anywhere in the world within 5 minutes, but when it comes to finding the best project management courses it’s incredibly difficult; and when we do find one, we feel like Forrest Gump with his chocolates – we

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