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We are here to help every professional achieve their career dream and together contribute to making a better world.


Our trusted global community empowers professionals to write reviews about their training experiences. This helps companies and fellow professionals make more informed decisions about professional development.

Founder and CEO

Craig Kilford

Whether it’s designing global standards in project portfolio management for the British Government, or working with Mayors to increase feelings of well-being across cities, Craig thrives on creating structures and communities that facilitate positive change.

During his 20 years of project portfolio management experience, Craig has provided strategic executive consultancy to high profile portfolios in the private and public sector, as well as delivering keynote speeches on portfolio management and creativity across the United States, UK, Australia and Canada.

Beyond being a published author, executive consultant and keynote speaker, he’s also an artist and has painted music live on stage alongside many of the worlds’ greatest musicians.


Some years ago the British government commissioned me to write a book that would help all government departments and organizations around the world change successfully, by delivering their portfolio of projects more effectively.

To write such a book, I spent a week on a Spanish mountain that I had stumbled across some months earlier on my way to the 20th Anniversary of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, in Asturias. I sat there for a week in solitude, where I designed the portfolio management framework and poured all of my experience, hope and knowledge of this subject into the public consultation draft. My friend, Steve Jenner and I then co-authored what is today known as a global best practice for project portfolio management, called Management of Portfolios (MoP).

I feel very passionate about this book, so I tried to find out which Training Provider was running the best certified courses on my book, and how people felt about their training experiences. I couldn't find this information, that frustrated me. I then realized that everyone in our industry has difficulty searching for, and differentiating quality between courses and providers, and so started my quest to solve this problem.

My solution comes in the form of Course Conductor; a global online community platform that connects professionals to the best training courses using reviews written by people they trust; other professionals. We live in a review-based world where everyone's voice is important and similarly every review on course conductor is important too. Each review helps other professionals make more informed training decisions, writing reviews enhances our industry relevance within our network and helps the training providers quantify their quality publically. Finally, I designed Course Conductor to make incremental contributions to bettering the world; so for every review written, a gallon of infected water is cleaned.

My hope for you is, that Course Conductor takes away the pain of searching for training courses, and that your great training experience helps you achieve your career dreams.

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Connect every professional to the highest quality training courses, everywhere.

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Better Skills. Better World


Community First.

We do everything with integrity.

Be the best, demand the best.

Be creative, courageous and caring.


Course Conductor is dedicated to bringing professionals and training providers together to increase skills and contribute to a better world. Social Sustainability is important to us so we do two things to help:

Every Review Counts: For every review posted on Course Conductor we are committed to cleaning 1 gallon of infected water.

Celebrate 5000 Reviews: We will celebrate every 5000 reviews by donating a deep-well water pump.

We focus on water because want to help school aged children fulfil their education potential. Infected water and poor sanitation are the main causes of school absenteeism, for example 400 million school children suffer from intestinal worms every year and young girls in particular have to walk miles to fetch water for their family every day, instead of going to school.

Our chosen charity is UNICEF and whilst we are currently too small to be an officially recognised supporter, we will ensure our sustainability strategy grows as we grow.