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Training provider: BMC - Bristol Management Centre

The Bristol Executive Management Programme is our flagship, MBA-level (Level 7) 3-week resettlement course. It is the perfect ELC-approved course, designed to give you the business skills necessary to prepare you for your future career, covering all of the essentials including Business Strategy, Acc... Read more

Training provider: IIL - International Institute for Learning

Grateful leaders can tap into the power of personal commitment and dedication by acknowledging people in an authentic and heartfelt manner. Those leaders who model true acknowledgment behavior will inspire others to do the same and to want to dramatically increase their levels of contribution to the... Read more

Training provider: Aspire Europe Limited

This Master Class is a one-day facilitated workshop for senior programme leadership personnel. It develops an understanding of what makes a really good SRO, the key challenges facing the role and explains the “Golden Thread” of leading a programme. The course concludes with a session on ... Read more

Training provider: Be.Projectized

“More and more organizations apply a form of structured project management. Only, a lot of them struggle with the role of the Project Board. What can you expect from a Project Board? And what can the Project Board expect from the Project Manager? This Directing a Project training provides a cl... Read more

Training provider: Be.Projectized

Is the customer/business sufficiently involved and engaged in the project? And if so, do these team members understand what is expected from them? Very often, project work comes on top of the day-to-day activities. This fact makes it even more important that the time of the business team members in ... Read more

Training provider: BMC - Bristol Management Centre

The taught part of the module guides you through the intricacies of formulating and implementing effective business strategies, marketing & selling, managing operations using continuous improvement methods such as Lean Six Sigma, people issues such as Recruitment, Selection and Retention, keepin... Read more