Which training providers have the best trainers?

As CEO of CourseConductor.com, I’m dedicated to making sure we give our massive amount of course review data an independent voice, so the statistics can be heard, understood, and ultimately help you and your company be successful.

We do that by publishing Trusted Training Statistics, supported by interesting data visualizations that help you understand the stories easily, and use them to increase your confidence when purchasing professional training.

Answering the big question: “Which training providers have the best trainers”.

It may have taken 16 years, but I’m very excited to tell you that I finally have an answer I can trust.

It turns out the answer is “cocktails”. By that I mean, the training providers that have the best trainers are the ones that look like tasty cocktails.

I’ll explain this answer using data visualizations.

You are about to see a preview of data visualizations that look like cocktails.

They have been created using the Course Conductor data from 11,054 verified independent customer reviews about 8 high performing training providers.

When professionals write a course review on CourseConductor.com they are invited to indicate a satisfaction rating about their trainer. They do this using a simple, yet effective 1 to 5-star scale.

We will be publishing an in-depth infographic about trainer quality shortly, however, I got so excited when I saw these draft data visualizations that I didn’t want to wait for the infographic. I wanted to open the conversation with you now and see what the wider professional community thought about them.

The 8 high performing training providers selected for this preview vary in size, and location (from the UK, USA, Netherlands, and Australia). All have unbiased, independent customer reviews posted on Course Conductor about a range of their courses including, but not limited to:

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ), Agile, APMG Change Management, CAPM, ITIL, PMP Prep, PRINCE2, PgMP, Managing Benefits, Managing Conflict, Microsoft Project, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Management of Portfolios (MoP), P3O, SCRUM.

These training providers are setting a new industry precedent.

I would like to specifically highlight that each of the 8 high performing training providers agreed to their name being published above their respective data visualization.

I believe this not only validates the integrity, importance, and independence of Course Conductor’s trusted training statistics; but it means these training providers are setting a new precedent for the rest of the industry, one that focuses on quality, transparency, and trust.

Thank you IIL, Purple Griffon, CUPE International, ILX, Tanner James, ChangeQuest, Bristol Management Centre and Capgemini Academy.


These visualizations excite me for two reasons:

Independence: Course Conductor’s trusted training statistics are totally independent. This is the first time that independent statistics have ever been published about the quality of trainers in the global project, change and IT service management industry.

This means business professionals can now access Course Conductor trusted training statistics to help save time, save money and make smarter training investment decisions.

I wish these statistics existed in my previous life, they would have saved my team a lot of time, money and frustration!

Top quality training: One of the reasons I love data visualization is the transparency it brings to situations (which is very similar to project portfolio status reporting).

In this case, we can easily see that the training providers using CourseConductor.com really are high performing. This makes me happy because our mission has always been to “connect people to the best professional training, everywhere”.


Important notes:

Scale: The visualizations are not scaled to reflect the number of customer reviews for each training provider. This is because we work with lots of large global training providers, as well as lots of niche and boutique training providers.

Where are the 1 or 2-star ratings? You may have noticed that out of 11,054 verified customer reviews, no trainers were rated below satisfactory i.e. 1 or 2 stars. This is not an error, it is because these training providers have not received any customer reviews with such a score.

What do you think?

Like any great art, we believe great data visualization should provoke thinking and inspire conversations that push boundaries; so we would love to hear your thoughts about these cocktail-visuals and statistics.

Did you find these visualizations useful? If so/not, why?

Would you use these visualizations help you select a training provider?

Do these visualizations increase your confidence in these training providers?

Is there anything missing?

What else would you like to see?

Do you have other ideas about the use of Course Conductor’s trusted training statistics?



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