20 five-star course reviews for SPOCE!

It’s impossible to know how good your project, program or portfolio management course will be…that is, until now.

I’m pleased to tell you that CourseConductor.com has started to award the best project management training providers in the industry with Five-Star Course Review badges. These badges are only awarded to training providers that achieve the milestones of 10, 20, 50 and 100 five-star course reviews on CourseConductor.com.

For professionals and companies looking for high-quality project management training, this badge means you can trust that the training courses are high quality. For training providers, using this badge not only shows the world that you deliver great courses but it also shows that you value your customer’s voice.

On the subject of great courses, I’m very excited to tell you that SPOCE Project Management is the first project management training provider to be awarded with the “20 five-star course review badge”.

Why did SPOCE get 20 five-star course reviews? 

We did some analysis on SPOCE’s customer reviews to see if there were some common themes highlighted by professionals … this is what we found:

1) What courses are highly rated? 14 of the 20 five star customer reviews were for PRINCE2 courses. 4 reviews were about Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), 1 review was about Management of Portfolios (MoP), and 1 review was for the Association of Project Management’s PMQ course.

2) The trainer is crucial for five-star courses! Almost all of the five-star customer reviews mentioned the high quality of the SPOCE trainer. Not only that, but the trainer was referred to on a number of occasions in terms of the quality of their experience and their ability to translate theory into practical real-life examples.

3) Quality Course content. The quality of course content was mentioned a number of times, this is clearly important to candidates as it helps them work through thier course.

4) Accommodation and Intensity: A number of people highlighted that the accommodation for the training was of a high standard. Many people highlighted that the courses were very intense, but the combination of a great trainer, course content and comfortable environment makes all the difference.

Sarah Mullins from SPOCE says “As the first ATO to deliver PRINCE2, PRINCE2 Agile and many more, this is another first we’re very proud of! SPOCE has been built on excellent customer service and respect for our clients.”

Reviews from real professionals, like you.

CourseConductor.com is a completely independent customer review website that contains almost every certified project management training provider and project, program and portfolio management course in the world. The best project management training providers in the global industry are using CourseConductor.com because they are proud of their courses and value their customer’s voice.

We use LinkedIn to validate professionals that write course reviews. This means you can trust that the people writing the course reviews are real professionals, just like you. So when you see a project management training provider using the Course Conductor Five-Star Badge, you know their courses are highly rated.

Congratulations once again to team SPOCE, we look forward to presenting you with your 100th Five-Star course review badge very soon!



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