How important is your voice?

I believe the answer is “Crucially important”, for two reasons.

Reason 1:  Your voice can be a Hallelujah moment for your team 

One of the most important things I’ve learned during many years of building project portfolio delivery communities is to curate an energized environment where everyone on the team feels comfortable to contribute their opinions, ask stupid questions, highlight concerns, suggest crazy ideas or identify potential risks.

I’m sure you’ve been in lots of those ‘problem solving’ meetings, the ones that get attended by everyone including senior leadership, project delivery teams, business representatives and technical people too.   The usual people do most of the talking to start with, but then every so often a person that hasn’t contributed to the meeting pops out a small comment which turns out to be the hallelujah moment leading to the solution.

Everyone’s voice is important on

Now imagine the team is everyone in the project management profession.  It doesn’t matter what role you play in the team, whether your in your first Junior Project Management role or a 20 year Portfolio Director, your voice is still important on When you write a review about your training course you are contributing your experience and professional voice to the team and that could be the “hallelujah moment” for another professional who is looking for their next course.

Reason 2:  Your voice defines the Training Providers quality. 

I really love this quote from Scott Cook, co-Founder of Intuit.  “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is”.  I love it because it is so true. Our world has evolved into an experienced based economy, which means the feedback and reviews we write about our experiences are actually more valuable than any marketing content that a company can produce themselves.

This is also true in the project management world. The most forward thinking training providers are today embracing this new experienced based economy by using to take part in conversations with their customers.   They do this by replying to your course reviews publically.

Here’s a few great examples:

“Thank you for reviewing our PRINCE2 Martin. It is always great to receive such fantastic feedback and we are glad you found workshop and eLearning enjoyable.” By Aspire

“Thank you for your 5 star review Clifford! It is great to hear you enjoyed Ray’s engaging delivery style and real life examples. Good luck with the PMP exam!” by p3m Global.

“Very pleased to hear you passed the MoP® course. I hope the knowledge gained proves useful in the future.” By CUPE International.

“It was a pleasure to work with you and your team and have the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of professionals across Europe. Many thanks for your review, greatly appreciated.” By Team Animation.


A few thoughtful sentences can make such a difference, right?  What do you think… would seeing a training provider talking to their customers like this make you feel more confident about investing in one of their courses?

Have a great day.



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