PPM Training Testimonials are dead…long live Customer Reviews.

Forrester says customer reviews affect the purchasing decision of 70% of customers and only 14% of customers trust adverts made by companies themselves…this is pretty incredible and goes to show how powerful your voice is today!

I wonder, does the same apply for us as we look for the best project management training courses?


Let’s test it out:

Imagine you’re looking for your next project management course, who do you trust more…the training provider that puts self-generated testimonials on their website, or the training provider that actively enables customers to write course reviews on a public platform?

You tell me…here are examples of both; which one do you trust more?


Training Provider 1: This is a testimonial from a project management training company website.  (It’s worth noting that most testimonials do not publish the persons full name) 




Training Provider 2:  This is a customer review about a training course published on CourseConductor.com.

Customer Review


Which one did you pick? I would love hear your thoughts on this subject, so please feel free to comment below…


It’s because Professionals Trust Professionals.

In today’s sharing economy the voice of the project management professional is much more valuable than any sales message a training provider can publish or semi anonymous testimonial.   Furthermore, as consumers of services and products we are used to reading customer reviews before we make purchasing decisions, we do it for hotels, we do it for restaurants, we do it when we want to buy a new TV… now you can do it before you invest in your next project management course using CourseConductor.com. 

The best project management training providers are already using CourseConductor.com and focusing their energy on putting their customer’s voice first.  These are the training providers that are building trust and earning more credibility in the industry.   If you are looking for your next project management course, make sure you read the course reviews on CourseConductor.com first, alternatively if you’ve been on a project management training course within the last 5 years, take 2 minutes to write a review now and help other professionals like you find the best courses (plus we’ll clean a gallon of infected water to help kids stay in school).


Are you a Project Management Training Provider that wants put your customer’s voice first?  

You can claim your company profile on CourseConductor.com now,  just type your company name into the CourseConductor.com search bar and click “Claim Your Business”.




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