The future of learning: In 9 sci-fi movies.

This blog follows on from my LinkedIn article discussing 9 sci-fi films that define a potential future ‘learning-fact’.

The concept is, that science fiction movies are great at forecasting science fact.  Therefore, they are also good at forecasting ‘learning-fact’.

I decided on Lucy (2010) as the 9th film.  This is why…

In the future, developments in nanotechnology will enable us to evolve at a molecular level using pills. The pills will enable us to increase our ability to absorb huge amounts of data and simultaneously connect on all physical, cognitive and spiritual levels.

We will be so interconnected with each other that our brains will fully form significantly earlier than they do today (mid 20’s).  When our brains are fully formed we will be the sum total of all collective knowledge and therefore the concept of learning as we know it today will be redundant.

Perhaps this is what is meant by enlightenment…a state of perfect knowledge or wisdom?




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