The Great Trainer Snobbery.

I always want the best in everything I do, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a complete snob when it comes to three things…shoes, hotels and training courses.

This article is about the latter, and how great professional trainers are changing the landscape of the global training industry.

What is a great trainer?

When it comes to professional training (specifically courses in the classroom format) the “best course” is the course with the “best trainer”. The best trainer is the one with the skills, experience, war wounds, deep subject knowledge, the ability to translate theory into real-world examples, and of course the all-important sense of humour. These ingredients (and more), blend together to make the great trainer’s secret sauce.

Almost all of the five-star course reviews on Course Conductor mention the trainer in some way or another. This review from Delia for example, about a PMP Prep course delivered by PMI-Montreal.

The new world for the best Trainers.

Over the past few months, I’ve talked to about 60 trainers (people I’ve never talked to before). In addition to that, I’ve been working with a small group of world-class trainers because we wanted to find a way for Course Conductor to help great trainers show exactly how great they are, and I think we’ve cracked it.

Last week I posted an Invitation to trainers on LinkedIn. It was a call to action for other great Trainers to join our small team for beta testing. Fast forward 10 days and that small team isn’t so small – in total 103 trainers from around the world have joined the beta community.

I am feeling “super excited” because I really believe that this group of professional trainers have taken the first step towards changing the landscape of professional project management, change management and service management training, for the better, forever.

Why the focus on Trainers?

Simply, we believe great trainers should get the credit they deserve for being awesome. Trainers are the front line people who are teaching crucial skills to the future leaders of change. Course Conductor is therefore dedicated to helping enhance their reputation by using customer reviews, and growing their business so they can continue to spread more of their awesomeness.

There are two other important reasons in addition to this.

(1) Professionals and Companies: At Course Conductor, we help professionals and companies select the highest rated training providers by using our independent course rating statistics. These people are telling us that they want to check out a trainer before they choose courses. Great trainers agree with that… and so do we.

(2) Training providers: Feedback from lots of training providers has highlighted the difficulty with recruiting great trainers (in a world where there are lots of not so great trainers). So being able to see that a trainer has 50 five star course reviews from real professionals helps the trainer get the clients, and helps the training provider recruit great trainers.

Ultimately, this means it’s happy days for everyone… that is with the exception of low-quality trainers (sorry….but not sorry).

I’m a great Trainer, how do I join the community?

Step 1: If you train Project, Program, Portfolio Management, Leadership, PMO, ITIL, Change, DevOps, Risk, TOGAF, Scrum, Agile or IT…click here “Join the team”. (We will be opening up to others courses shortly).

Step 2: You will receive information from us when we launch beta testing (within the next couple of weeks). At that point, you will be ready to rock and roll and invite your course attendees to write a review about your courses.

If you have any thoughts about what make great trainers, and their secret sauce, you’re welcome to contribute to this conversation.



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