The most common men’s name in project portfolio management.

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“The most common name of men certified in the project portfolio management industry is David”.

Karen and David are part of something bigger.

Knowing that Karen and David are the most common names in project portfolio management isn’t important. However, what is important is the journey we took to be able to confirm these statistics…this is where it gets exciting.

Course Conductor has been working in partnership with AXELOS, and we’ve now completed the largest analysis of project portfolio management professionals ever.

We’ve analyzed 9867 professionals certified with Management of Portfolios (MoP). For those of you who are new to the industry; MoP was published in 2011 and is the world’s most widely used project portfolio management standard (I was the co-author of the standard with Stephen Jenner).

Coming Soon: An infographic focusing on industry gender balance.

Based on all this analysis, the Course Conductor data visualization team have produced an infographic that focuses on the gender balance within the global project portfolio management industry.

Whilst I’m totally biased, I must say it’s looking really cool!

The infographic will answer interesting questions that have never been published before:

  1. What is the mix of Men and Women getting certified in MoP?
  2. How many Men and Women get the MoP Foundation certification, compared to the MoP Practitioner certification?
  3. What is the growth of MoP certification for Men and Women?
  4. How many Men and Women get MoP certified each year?
  5. What are the most popular months of the year to get MoP certified?
Independent customer review ratings about MoP courses.

The infographic will also include Course Conductor’s independent customer review statistics about MoP training courses.

For the first time in the industry, we will be publishing independent customer satisfaction statistics about a range of MoP course variables including; overall course ratings, quality of trainers, quality of course content, the learning environment, customer service experiences and whether people felt that their MoP course met their expectations.

If this sound exciting to you, you’ll be first to get the infographic if you join the Course Conductor community blog – just add your name and email at the top of the page.

If you’ve been on any MoP course and have 1-minute spare now, you should write a review of your course here, by doing so your ratings will be included in the infographic and statistics.

If you have any thoughts on the gender balance with the project portfolio management industry, we’d love to hear them.

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