What to do when your good course goes bad.

Over the last few weeks five people have told me that they were very unhappy with the quality of their recent project management course. Complaints have included the inexperience of the trainer, logistical failings such as pre-read course material being delivered on the first day of the course, one 5 day classroom course was cancelled then re-scheduled over a weekend via skype. Just today, my lunch guest (a senior Program Office Manager) told me that he could have delivered a better change management course last week (no he’s not a trainer).

I asked each person “Did you tell the trainer?”, “ What did the training provider do when you told them you were not happy?” Every person replied with a half frown, shrugged their shoulders and said they didn’t do anything, because they didn’t know what to do.

So, just in case this ever happens to you I’ve talked to five CEO’s of the highest rated training providers on CourseConductor.com and posted an article on LinkedIn containing their advice.

You can read it here…




Craig Kilford is the Founder & CEO of CourseConductor.com – where you can find and review the best courses in the project management world using customer reviews written by fellow professionals.  Craig is also Co-Author of Management of Portfolios (MoP) (British Government standard for Project Portfolio Management), Author of Think P3O, Artist and a motivational keynote speaker on the subjects of organisational change, project portfolio management and creativity.

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