Why every project management course should be an Adele Concert.

I went to see Adele in concert last week in Minnesota. I was telling my buddies about it last night and showed them the video I recorded on my phone from her opening song, Hello. All three of us didn’t talk for a few minutes because it was so spectacularly good, even on a phone. Here’s the start of the opening song for you…


I mentioned to Dazla that I feel like I want to write about it because I found myself comparing this experience to project management training courses. I’m pretty sure he looked at me as if to say “you’ve been working too much mate” and he’s probably right.. but my thinking is, that every experience should achieve this level of quality, especially our professional training courses.

The basis of my thinking stems from the third Course Conductor Community Value, which is “Be the best, demand the best”. Despite being a new start up company, we spent a lot of time defining our community values because we felt it is crucial to be very clear about our beliefs, what we stand for and what we are committed to for the sake of ourselves and for the community of global professionals that use CourseConductor.com.


Course Conductor Community Values

Community First.

We do everything with integrity.

Be the best, demand the best.

Be creative, courageous and caring.


We chose “Be the best, demand the best” because as professionals, indeed as human beings in general, we want to be the best we can possibly be. With that in mind I don’t think it’s wrong to expect the best from other experiences too, particularly the experiences that are meant to develop our own professional skills and those experiences we invest significant amounts of money into.

I walked away from the Adele concert very happy, I learnt some things about Adele, I learned some things about myself, I felt inspired to change some aspects of the way I work and I felt a slightly altered level of confidence that was inspired by all of the above and the innate messages that are at the core of her art.

Isn’t this exactly how we should feel after every professional training course…or is Dazla right – I’ve been working too much?



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