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I am so proud of my Agile Project Management training course. I have designed it so that its emphasis is on how to adopt agile ways of working, what the likely challenges are and practical ideas for how to overcome them. I update my course presentation for every course, bringing in the latest ideas from my consultancy assignments to ensure that you are getting up to date, relevant and pragmatic advice. I weave all of this experience into the delivery of the AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner syllabus so you will pass your exams and be able to apply what you have learnt to your job.

My style of training encourages lots of questions and an opportunity to pursue in more depth aspects of agile working that are most useful to you. I work with big and small companies, private, public and third sector and for those organisations with high maturity in project management and those that want to build this capability. I know that agile has a reputation as it relates and works well for IT. My experience is about adopting it for a wider, more strategic body of work across all corporate functions and all types of products and services.

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