Master Data Management & Reference Data Management

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More and more organizations, it is becoming more important to control master and reference data. This data is often the backbone of organizations, but this is often poorly managed by increasingly more sources. By means of basic master data this can be brought back under control, thereby making it possible to have information communicated between a variety of sources. An application for example of an “integrated customer view” is very much dependent on a unified way of capturing high quality master data and reference data.

At the end of this training, the participant has knowledge of the management of master and reference data within the organization as well as how this can be supported by processes and tools. The training aims to clarify the architecture and business concepts around these topics. Attention is also paid to the relationship of master and reference data management with data management in other areas such as data governance and data quality. Finally, it is our opinion that if the basis is not in order, it will be very difficult to realize a good reference and master data management solution (with or without the available tools). This training does not aim to achieve a specific MDM solution but is primarily intended to gain insight to identify solutions, implementation roadmap and pitfalls.

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