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Decades ago, the futurist Alvin Toffler predicted a “roaring current of change” that would challenge the very structure of institutions. Thanks to an uncanny ability to peer over the cultural horizon, Toffler knew the digital revolution was imminent—and it would be hugely disruptive. Look around. For almost any industry today the only reasonable survival strategy is to embrace change. And if you look hard enough, all this change is happening through projects.

Projects drive change, and project managers are the agents of change.

An organization’s success in this environment requires agility at many levels: from trying new development approaches (e.g., Scrum); using new team collaboration tools; and, a willingness to experiment and celebrate failure. In other words, game-changing approaches to our world of work.

IPM Day 2016 brings you the very best speakers on the front-line of this “roaring current of change” who will provide insight, commentary, and guidance on making you the best change agent you can be.

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Course Name : International Project Management Day 2016

As a gold sponsor of IPM Day, for a number of years now, BrightWork keep coming back for more. Working with the team from IIL is a dream experience, and having the opportunity to provide conference attendees with free project management resources and training, is even better! We love the feedback and response from everyone! If you are thinking about attending, exhibiting at or sponsoring IPM Day in the future, it will be an easy decision!

Ciara, thank you for your review and recommendation on IPM Day 2016! We hope you are taking full advantage of the on-demand period. Of course, we are proud to have an amazing relationship with BrightWork and for being a Gold sponsor for years! Each year, we are only going to continue to improve the event experience, so we look forward to having you enjoy the event with us next November.

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