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Project management has become an integral part of business life. Organisations of all sizes, across all industries, are keen to engage skilled project managers that can help their organisation reap the benefits that a successfully delivered project offers.
Industry research shows that a third of all projects are delivered late. To add to this, even more come in over budget or run past the original deadline, and 28% fail altogether. How you lead a project or perform in a project team can dictate the success or failure of each initiative or project that you are involved in, regardless of its size or complexity. Our interactive workshop provides you with proven techniques, tools and processes to deliver projects within specification, on time and on budget. The workshop is aligned with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), current research and best practice industry standards, as well as drawing upon the extensive experience of p3m global’s broad ranging and continuing involvement in assisting organisations to achieve rapid results in project delivery capability.As its name implies, this workshop will provide participants with the essential knowledge and skills to both manage a project end-to-end, and/or be an effective and valuable member of the project team. It covers the fundamental steps in every project’s life cycle and uses a real life case study approach in order to follow a project from conception through to completion and final review. The focus is on immediate and direct knowledge transfer to the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
Successful completion of this workshop will enable participants to;
•The key differences between projects and programmes
•An understanding of managing organisational benefits through successful planning and control
•An understanding of how to manage a strategic programme against measurable outcomes
•Preparation for certification examinations

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31 Oct 2016

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

I have attended this course as a training from my employer. The course goes structured through the basics of project management. For me, as a developer, it was a great experience. Not just to see how I could practise PM by myself, also to have an understanding of what PMs actually do. Like the course description mentioned. I feel like a much more valuable team member right now as I understand some decisions from the PMs. Also I have a better sense for decisions done by myself. Worth every penny! Thanks to the trainer, it was a great time with our group!

Thanks very much for the positive feedback, we are glad that you found the course useful. Regards, the p3m global team


22 Oct 2016

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

The trainers have a great way to keep you interested and focused. They knows their stuff and make it easy for you to understand. The course material is written well and great to work through afterwards. The training overall is a benefit to anyone working on projects.

Thanks for the great review, we\'ll pass your comments on to the training team. Best wishes, p3m global


19 Oct 2016

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

Excellent course which combined theory with good excercises. A lot of useful examples and anecdotes where given, which supported understanding the contents. The lecturer was very competent and taught in an entertaining way. All in all not only tools and methods were taught, but also a philosophy was transmitted.

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

I attended the Prince2 training some years ago, although very interesting (and good for the C.V.) I have never used this information in anger. I would still recommend Prince2 and PMP, but if you are just looking for an intro to PM, then this is the course for you.

Thank you for your 5 star review Kevan! You have perfectly reviewed the p3m global PME course, we designed it as an entry into Project Management ahead of taking accredited courses such as PRINCE2, PMP or APMP.

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

This course was a great introduction to project management. It gave me all I needed to start my new job, and then some. Highly recomended

Course Name : p3m global Project Management Essentials (PME)

The content of the training was very easy to follow and light weighted. Even my colleagues who didn\'t have much in common with Project Management before felt that this is something they could do as it was so well packed and explained. I do recommend it if you want to get a grasp of what Project Management is and where to start your PM career.

Thank you for your 5 star review Natalia! The 2 day p3m global PME workshop is designed as an introduction to Project Management, that is great news you would recommend the workshop to start your PM career.

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