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Since PMOs began to appear in organisations, academic researchers, project management practitioners and their organisations have been asking how best to structure PMOs, what roles, functions and leadership styles should they adopt to provide the maximum value.

This course brings together the latest in academic research and best practices across the project, programme and portfolio management areas into a PMO framework based on the AIPMO standard.

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Course Name : IPMO-Expert Certification

Very experienced and engaging trainer, A lot of thought had gone into the course content. High calibre of the other attendees, allowing very good discussion. Bonus of having Eileen present for observations.

Course Name : IPMO-Expert Certification

Eileen is a very good trainer and ensured that she asked up front what we needed from the course, and checked in along the way that we were on track, she was very engaging. I liked that we were given scenario based questions to answer as a class and that we presented our findings and gained feedback after, this helps me to learn by engaging in the content. The food and venue was great and Lindsay who organised the course made sure all info was given in good time, the communication was excellent!


04 Jul 2018

Course Name : IPMO-Expert Certification

The course was brilliant and allowed us to learn by feeding off of each other, rather than being walked through lots of theory. What would make it better: 1. Course text book - the powerpoint slides are helpful to a certain extent. But if you need to understand more and know the detail, we cant do this. 2. Some of the slides were not legible. Eileen is going to send these out separately 3. The room we were in had no windows. Being in a room with no natural light for most of the day is not healthy.

Thanks for your feedback, we\'re really glad you thought the course was brilliant. Noted the comment about the room, we\'re going to make sure this never happens again. The great thing about this set of courses is you gain access to further developments with the AIPMO certifications. You can gain access to that through PMO Learning later this year. Thanks again, appreciate you take the time to feedback

Course Name : IPMO-Expert Certification

This course DOESN'T ask you to memorise a book, mark it up and fill the blank pages with diagrams. It DOES require you to THINK and DISCUSS. The course draws from many sources, including the latest academic research. Consequently the materials are extensive - thick and heavy! However some of the detail on tools and techniques is to be moved into Practitioner and Foundation courses. Eileen is an excellent trainer, whose extensive experience enable her to illustrate the course with real-life examples. We had many discussions that added great richness and depth. The course is based on principles rather than procedures, and covered many concepts that will be useful back at the workplace, leaving me with a long reading list. The venue was pleasant, and the food very good (although choice was limited). I would recommend this course to PMO Directors (running an enterprise-wide hierarchy of PMOs) as a thinking person’s alternative to the standard “teach the book” offerings.

Course Name : IPMO-Expert Certification

The course was an excellent mixture of theory and group work - using a case study to help attendees think about how to practically apply the learning to a business situation, right away. The trainer was incredibly knowledgeable and able to give plenty of real world experiences as examples, and draw experiences and learning from attendees. I thought Eileen handled the different personalities in the group really well, making sure everyone was engaged and able to have a voice. An enjoyable and worthwhile week.

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