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The P3O Foundation Accreditation Day is an ideal opportunity to achieve your P3O Foundation accreditation. This is not an intensive one day P3O Foundation course.
The study day is focused on examination preparation in the morning, with practice questions and guidance from the P3O author and trainer, Eileen Roden. You will then take your Foundation level examination in the afternoon. This class is ideal for any PMO practitioner who prefers the self-taught method and are just looking for exam preparation and the exam itself. Pre-class personal study, is essential.

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Course Name : P3O Foundation Certification Study Day

Really useful mix of practical exercises were done. However note that since this is a one day certification day you really need to do the pre-course reading to get the most out of it I thought.


20 Jun 2018

Course Name : P3O Foundation Certification Study Day

Eileen was obviously a higher experienced and skilled trainer. She was very engaging and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear about her experience. I felt conflicted about the purpose of the day; with an exam at the end I wanted to spend more time on exercises and learning that would reinforce the answers to the exam questions and less about our experience in this area or current challenges. That is obviously a very helpful conversation but it wasn't the focus I wanted given the looming exam at the end!

Course Name : P3O Foundation Certification Study Day

The pre-course organisation and the Accreditation Day itself were brilliant. I felt I had plenty of time to plan and complete my self-study before the Accreditation Day. The training delivery was excellent and we learnt lots more besides passing the exam. I highly recommend this company. The only thing I would mention is that at the outset it would be good to know when each stage of the self-study material will be released so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks very much for a wonderful day.

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