MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

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The “Managing Successful Programmes” (MSP®) guidance provides and maintains a strategic view over the set of projects, aligning and co-ordinating them within a programme of business change in support of specific business strategies. Programme Management provides the framework for implementing business strategies and initiatives, or large scale change, where there is a “vision” of the programme’s outcome. The Practitioner level is aiming to measure whether a candidate could apply MSP to the running and managing of a non-complex programme within an environment supporting MSP.

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Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

Course was well taught by an engaging trainer with good personal examples. The actual MSP methodology and content is very comprehensive and I will definitely use it. However there was so much material to cover in a week that we didn\'t get to do any exercises (except practice exam Qs). Frustrating for people who like learning by doing. I would have invested in another 1-2 days for time for exercises (either case studies or applying theory to own situations). Pre-course admin was disjointed with separate companies contacting me about exam registration, online material and joining instructions. It\'s all very low-tech: zip files for the (limited) online materials; chunky manual sent by post; paper and pencil exams. Environment was ok: tiny cramped room on day 1, then moved to larger room. Exams are not difficult exactly but use language and complicated question structures that are deliberately designed to trip you up, which is quite irritating.

Thanks for your feedback Alison and great to hear your comments about the trainer. The syllabus is provided to us and unfortunately is always taught as 3 day foundation, 1 day practitioner and 1 day exam. The pre-course work is all sent from SPOCE, the only thing sent separately is the exam registration email from APMG which is the same with all training companies, as you have to register with them directly for the exams, but sorry to hear you didn\'t like this. Again with the materials, the zip files are so everyone can access this, and the manual is the official manual, and the exams are paper exams, so we cannot unfortunately change this. I will pass on your comments though, thanks for taking the time to send your feedback.

Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

Quite an intensive course with a lot of material to get through within the five days, however we did feel suitably prepared for both the foundation and practitioner exams. The Ocean View Hotel in Bournemouth made a suitable venue and the instructor maintained a relaxed environment despite the required pace of training delivery. His interjections of additional diagrams and examples was very beneficial to further understanding the subject. I would certainly recommend SPOCE for anyone interested in attending the MSP course.

Hi Mark, thank you for your 5 star review. We do try to make the course as enjoyable and feasible to learn in the 5 days as we can as like you said, it is an intensive course. Great to hear your comments, I will be sure to pass your comments on and hopefully we will speak to you/your colleagues in the future! We hope this training helps you in your role.

Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

The course was well organized. Lots of pre-course reading to help you get the feel for it. The course is intensive so you must be prepared to put in the extra time required.

Thanks for your feedback Tracie. The course is intensive, but we hope all delegates are prepared well for this with the pre-course work, which you clearly were! Great to hear and hopefully speak to you again in the future :-)

Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

SPOCE customer service were fantastic and provided all the information i required making the course booking and access to all relevant materials simple. While the course instructor and materials allowed a firm understanding of the course I felt his explanations when asked more in-depth questions were ambiguous. In general the course achieved its aim proving students with the information and skills they required to qualify.

Thank you for your great review, and constructive comments also, I will feed this back. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so we are glad to hear this was noticed by you. Enjoy using your MSP knowledge! :)

Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

Very helpful pre-course assistance which assisted with additional night's accommodation at venue. Residential training approach enables you to immerse yourself totally in training/learning mode and away from distractions. Course documentation thorough and example mock exams helped to check progress on learning. Although there was a lot to learn over the 5 days, the pace of delivery was good and checks were made by the Trainer for understanding. I found it very hard going, however, my personal outcomes of passing the exams and developing knowledge in this area were achieved.

Paul, thank you for your extremely positive feedback. We are glad the trainer made sure everyone was understanding and keeping up, as these courses are intensive and fast paced so it\'s important to check with the delegates. Congratulations on being a newly certified MSP Practitioner! :)


24 Jun 2016

Course Name : MSP® Programme Management Foundation & Practitioner

Online distance learning. Straightforward content to assimilate. Occasionally the online lessons stopped mid-way but not enough to impact my learning. Didn't require much study due to prior experience. I took the exams by Remote Proctor which worked well despite needing to flick between windows to cover scenario information as well as questions etc . My personal preference is to do exams in paper format but doing it all online is a cost and time-effective way to achieve the certification without losing billing days to classroom training or travel.

Thank you very much for you feedback and we are pleased that you found the course and efficient way to study.

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