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This hands-on three day course will provide you with a solid model for setting up and successfully managing a benefits driven strategic change programme within your organisation.

Case study sessions are used throughout this course to focus on the practical application of the method and reinforce learning. These case study sessions account for approximately 50% of the course. The MSP Practitioner is an intensive 2-day course combining revision sessions, MSP Practitioner exam practice sessions and discussions focused around the practical application of MSP. The course is designed to effectively prepare you to sit and pass the MSP Practitioner Exam which will be taken on the afternoon of the second day. This 2.5 hour Objective Marked Assessment (complex multi-choice exam) will lead to the award of the MSP Practitioner Certificate and MSP Registered Practitioner status. This course will also prepare you to effectively tailor MSP for pragmatic application within your organisation.

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Price: aud $2400
5 Days
Qualification name: Practitioner Certificate