Building a High Performance Projects Delivery Organisation Masterclass

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For leaders who, through their projects and programmes, are meeting ever greater demands for better value for money and stronger customer relationships.

Many organisations have invested heavily in developing the project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) skills of their Managers, Practitioners, Project Sponsors and Senior Responsible Owners. This event maximises that investment by addressing the other things organisations must do in order to increase their long-term delivery performance – an area where, until now, there has been little guidance for Executives, SROs, P3M Leaders, Heads of Profession, Programme Directors, HR and Organisational Development professionals and auditors.

This master class provides a cohesive and practical exploration of how organisations can provide an environment in which consistent project and programme success becomes achievable. Delegates will be introduced to a new sphere of management, called ‘Organisational Project Management’ (OPM), which is devoted to advancing organisations’ ability to run and lead a complex P3M capability. The aim objectives of this work an organisation include:

 maximising delivery performance
 obtaining long-term strategic value
 increasing customer satisfaction
 creating a delivery- and Value For Money- oriented culture
 securing a return on P3M investment.

A structured approach will be introduced that will allow delegates to evaluate the options and strategies for improving their organisations’ delivery performance, taking into account their unique context and needs. The approach will also identify the reasons for and ways of dealing with the cultural challenges many organisations face when adopting new P3M standards and ways of working.

A proven management framework that is underpinned by many years hands-on experience of advancing the delivery and leadership capability of major public- and private-sector organisations will be used.

Who should attend?
Senior individuals who are responsible for the governance, development or performance of project, programme and portfolio capability and practices within their organisation. Please note this is a Masterclass in organisational development not project management.

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