Developing Project Leadership and Soft Skills Workshop

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Designed for organisations who
• Want to invest in the future development of their project and programme managers’ leadership capability
• Realise that leadership must be nurtured and encouraged. Few of us have the innate traits and skills to lead effectively without assistance in learning and the opportunities to apply these skills in the workplace
• Are realistic and realise that a 1 or 2 day workshop can motivate, inform and provide insights but will not deliver comprehensive change unless supported in other ways over an extended period
• Prompt and motivate their staff to take responsibility for their own development, whatever their level within the organisation
• Wish to show their commitment and support to PMs
• Value the latest thinking and practice from industry experts.

For the individuals, this training will:
• Provide insights and opportunities to reflect, discuss, and apply the learning in a safe environment
• Motivate and energise by linking learning to personal and organisational objectives
• Provide take away tools and frameworks to apply within the organisation to aide their development.

Designed with a difference
We understand that organisations invest in training to deliver benefit through improved performance. This may be through the knowledge participants gain, the motivation they obtain or the skills they acquire but only if these are actually applied in the workplace. Our training programs therefore have pre and post activities to increase the value that the organisation is achieving. Our training is a valuable addition in the process of helping individuals develop those capabilities critical to the success of the organisation.

We will work collaboratively with you and your team to design a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. We deliver highly interactive and engaging bespoke training to your organisation’s particular needs and objectives. This might be a focus on leading for improved innovation, increased profitability or for enhanced customer engagement. We can also link to the organisation’s career planning and performance management to ensure that we deliver measureable outcomes and benefits.

Design ingredients can include:
• Surveys and needs assessment both before and after training delivery
• Preparation and post-training facilitated action learning to embed the learning and deliver value
• Modules on personal awareness, relationship skills, stakeholder engagement, change, authenticity, mindfulness, politics, conflict, visioning, coaching and other appropriate topics
• A bespoke experience for each participant to maximise the learning and follow on application
• Making use of the latest techniques such as simulations, the use of in-depth case studies and experiential skills practice
• Coaching and mentoring for participants before and after training delivery to support their learning.

The length and timing of the training provided will be dependent on your objectives, experience of the participants and their role; for example, there will be a different focus for project or programme managers.

The course is built on knowledge from Project Leadership 3rd Edition published at the end of 2015 and co-authored by our lead facilitator Donnie MacNicol.

Recent reviews

Course Name : Developing Project Leadership and Soft Skills Workshop

An interesting course that reinforced some earlier training and in the later part developed some thought provoking concepts of how I evaluate the way that I currently operate. The key focus of leadership over management was well made and something that I am now practicing. The class size was good with sufficient people to debate but not so many that each section took too long. The mix of classroom style, debate and group exercise was well balanced. A great venue overall, with ease of access, however the noise from outside at times was a little distracting. Very competent and engaging presenters.

Richard. Many thanks for your comprehensive review. The Project Leadership Masterclass is designed to help delegates reflect on the difference between management and leadership and then challenge themselves as to what changes they can make to improve their own effectiveness - I am delighted that you have found this of value.

Course Name : Developing Project Leadership and Soft Skills Workshop

Our company engaged Team Animation after a very intensive and strict selection process as we felt that Donnie and team were the perfect solution for a company wide project management initiative that we were in the process of rolling out globally to all of our Project Managers. The course content was invaluable and provided very useful and practical tools and methods that our team could use in their everyday work. Donnie\'s delivery style was excellent and ensured that the course attendees got the most out of the training. I learnt a lot myself from the course and would heartedly recommend it to anyone thinking whether to invest in this training or not. Do it, you won\'t regret it!

Steve. Many thanks for your generous review and the trust put in our company to deliver this global development programme. Self-awareness and leadership skills are never easy to develop but when the insights turn into modified behaviours then the results can be considerable for all those involved!

Course Name : Developing Project Leadership and Soft Skills Workshop

This course was part of a wider investment in my people that Team Animation and Donnie undertook on our behalf - soft and hard skills around project/program management. During the event I did not fully appreciate the impact that it had on myself as a leader and also on my team - that came later. Some really big elephants surfaced out of this that were 100% accurate but certainly some of them left myself uncomfortable and reacting the wrong way on day 1. However, the beauty of the course and the skilled way that Donnie kept it on message made for a extremely productive second day in address the issues and challenges that the course allowed us to address as a team. A very thought provoking course and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Stuart. Many thanks for the wonderful review, greatly appreciated. As you say, a well designed and delivered workshop can provide considerable value. In my experience, if it is not challenging then the value will be considerably less.

Course Name : Developing Project Leadership and Soft Skills Workshop

I worked with Donnie MacNicol on the development of course content for an interactive Elearning Project Management product. Donnie managed the content and the project very well. Donnie also delivered Project Management and team based training for our company across Europe and again this was professional and a great learning experience. I would recommend Donnie to any company who wants to change behaviour in project management and leadership.

Martin. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team and have the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of professionals across Europe. Many thanks for your review, greatly appreciated.

Available Course Formats
Course details
Course details
Price: gbp £5000
Typically 1 or 2 Days with Pre and Post Course work for an in-house audience

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