Leadership and People Skills Briefing

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A bespoke and highly interactive briefing to project and change communities, typically for 2 hours, on the importance of critical people and leadership skills and their practical application. Typically include the completion of an iMA colour styles profile (www.ima-pm.co.uk) and cover topics such as communication, working effectively in teams and improving the adoption and use of processes and systems based on the insights that people have gained on the distinctions between different types of people.

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Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

I believe that all the audience was delighted both on the content or your presentation. You kept me focused for all the time of your event! Donnie is passionate of his work and can instill this passion in others.

Dawid. Many thanks for your kind review. It was interesting knowing that there were 650 people listening live from across the world! Once again, your review is very much appreciated.


26 Sep 2016

Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

Donnie led us through an excellent session which gave us a great framework for building insights for our colleagues. This will enable us to build understanding and support relationship building.

We are delighted that you found it of such value, always good to hear that the sessions make a positive difference. We are further developing the framework using iMA and will be announcing research through LinkedIn shortly.

Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

Really fun and interactive course which brought the subject area to life. Findings from the workshop have been used to great effect.

Anthony. Very kind of you to take the time to respond and provide such a positive review. Enjoy the cycling!


08 Sep 2016

Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

Donnie kept the group very engaged for the session and was keen to relate back to real examples for us. The training materials allowed us to remind ourselves of the different characteristics of the IMA colours. The profiles were discussed in detail post course and engaged others in the company. Definitely an interesting topic, would highly recommend Donnie and the IMA session.

Your feedback is much appreciated - in particular that you were able to use iMA post course with colleagues. Just what we hope will happen!


19 Jul 2016

Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

The course is about soft skills. It introduced me to consider my approach to how others might perceive me, and how I identify the aptitude of others in order that I can adjust my approach to achieve better results in my projects.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review about your course. We are pleased you found the course useful, however we also notice that you’ve rated the course as 1.5 stars which would indicate a ‘poor’ experience – which doesn’t seem to fit with your review wording. So we’ve asked the Course Conductor team to double check with you. If indeed the 1.5 star rating is correct, please email donnie@teamanimation.co.uk as we would really like to understand where the improvements need to be made.

Course Name : Leadership and People Skills Briefing

Donnie sent out some pre-course questionnaires that identified the key traits of individuals in the team. This really brought the course to life and created great debate and interest from the group. The whole course was delivered at a pace and style that kept everyone\'s attention as well as encouraging a lot of participation. Strong academic content matched by practical application meant that we all benefited from this session.

John. Delighted that you and the team obtained value from the session. Even a short session like this can act as a catalyst and start discussions and changes within teams.

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