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Designed For
Sponsors and Senior civil servants (SRO’s) involved in complex programmes who have a desire to:
• Enhance how they lead change through programmes
• Understand how they enable projects and programmes to maximise successful delivery.

The masterclass will be highly interactive and will work with participants in order to enable them to:
• Confidently embrace the scope and responsibilities of the role of Sponsor and SRO
• Understand how to challenge and support project and programme managers to maximise the probability of success
• Appreciate the vital role of engaging stakeholders
• Comprehend the real nature of change and embrace the inevitable complexity, subjectivity and resistance to change
• Challenge the business objectives and ensure they are outcome to ensure it is robustly identified, congruent, achievable
• Appreciate the Sponsor’s / SRO’s ownership of outcomes and the need for effective, proactive leadership.

Organisational benefit
Based on the latest research this masterclass will enable participants to be re-invigorated with how their role as Sponsor / SRO can significantly impact the probability of success on complex programmes.
The Masterclass can be run for a particular department allowing the content to be designed to address the particular organisational context and issues.

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Course Name : Sponsor / SRO Development Workshop

Donnie delivered this session for us over a facilitated dinner. This unique approach coupled with his excellent skills at working with executive sponsors really helped key messages land. Donnie secured an external guest sponsor to support him with the session. His personal experience on major initiatives complemented Donnie\'s and our attendees input nicely. Since the session we have had excellent feedback from attendees and seen some demonstrable changes in behaviour. If you are thinking of running something similar with sponsors then I\'d fully recommend working with Team Animation.

Jon, many thanks for your kind words. It was a pleasure to work with the executives who were obviously keen to reflect on the their role as a sponsor and how this could be enhanced. The dinner was also wonderful!

Course Name : Sponsor / SRO Development Workshop

The experienced Donnie managed to structure the free-flowing agenda of our very enjoyable evening to land some key messages that will be critical to the successful delivery of our projects. His approach was accessible to our senior audience making it easy for them to take these messages away, and encourage them to further consider how they will become enablers in their role, along with their Project Teams. I would highly recommend anyone who thinks they need some support or coaching in the area of Sponsorship to give Donnie a call!

Louisa, many thanks for your kind review. The context of having this discussion over a dinner was ideal and also staying away from presenting materials and discussing concepts and case studies.

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Price: 3500
Typically 1 day for an in-house audience

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