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Designed For:
Teams to undertake to both advance an issue and experience how much more effective they could be. The focus is on behavioural learning with issues typically around:
• Forming a new team
• Changing leadership
• Working in an alliance with other departments/organisations
• Significant challenges to aspects of the project e.g. time, cost, content
• Team dynamics e.g. conflict
• Stakeholder management.

Individuals will experience new ways of working together using their real work issues. This means that they have much more chance of deploying their new skills when back in the pressurised project environment. The event will make use of the latest findings from academia / industry on the latest thinking in project and programme management that point to the main differentiator of success on projects being people.

Organisational Benefit
Immediate benefit can be anticipated from taking a fresh approach to resolving the issue presented. Ongoing benefit can be anticipated from “how” the issue was tackled, with new behavioural skills having been practised and embedded into the way the team works. Throughout there will be an emphasis on “fit for context”.

Since this is an individually designed intervention it involves:
• Undertaking a discovery process to understand the context of the issues and the people
• Producing a proposal from this discovery process to identify what will bring the greatest benefit for the event itself, in terms of both the issue/content and the people dynamics
• Event to take place usually over two days on a residential basis
• Delivering a feedback report to support the future focus

Since this kind of team experience typically involves teams of between 10 and 20 it is a highly cost effective way of both progressing an issue, integrating learning and improving overall team performance.

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Price: 3500
Typically 1 day for an in-house audience