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Learning how to effectively Manage Benefits is core to every Portfolio, Programme and Project, as it underpins the reason for change and why the investment was made in the first place.

In this new post-recession world we live in, accountability is more important than ever, and delivery and realisation of Benefits at the top of most senior executives list of priorities.

The reason organizations invest in change is to realise benefits, yet it is estimated that around two thirds of projects fail to realise those benefits, because the benefits are not being correctly forecasted, measured or managed to successful delivery.

The purpose of the Managing Benefits guidance and certification scheme is to provide managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organisations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques.

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Course Name : Managing Benefits Foundation Level

Training Byte Size know how to provide a good eLearning experience. The Managing Benefits course covers the syllabus in an interesting way. The materials were easy to assimilate. Short Knowledge tests at the end of each section helped to reinforce learning. The mock exam was particularly useful as it provided a realistic simulation of what 'exam conditions' would be like. It provided me with the confidence to tackle my first APMG proctored exam. If you haven't tried this style of exam I thoroughly recommend it. Anyway, Training ByteSize helped me to get the job done. I would certainly use them again. Merv

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