Our Radar™ reports connect trusted training vendors to people-centric companies…so both can grow.

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Course Conductor's Radar™ Reports are used by people-centric companies to make more informed and efficient training course and vendor selections.

Training vendors included in Radar™ Reports have achieved the minimum inclusion criteria, and have been subjected to Course Conductor's rigorous independent scoring methodology.   Based on a unique algorithm and independent scores for “Confidence to Delivery Training Outcomes” and “Learner Satisfaction”, training vendors are verified as a Leader, High Performer or Contender which makes it easy for companies to shortlist the right training vendor.


Course Conductor is here to help the best training vendors grow their business by:

  • Increasing new business opportunities and conversions.
  • Differentiating based on Course Conductor's independent quality verification.
  • Increasing brand confidence with verified Leader, High Performer and Contender status.
  • Increasing engagement and marketing reach.

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