INFOGRAPHIC: What is the gender balance in portfolio management?

Written by Craig Kilford@CourseConductor

This recent Forbes article states that 50% of 21,980 companies do not employ any female executives.  We believe the executive leaders of tomorrow will be skilled in portfolio management; so we wanted to better understand the mix of men and women with portfolio management certifications today.

‘Management of Portfolios (MoP)’ is the world’s most popular standard for portfolio management.  It is globally adopted by public and private organizations because when it’s used properly,  Corporate Strategies get delivered successfully.  AXELOS owns MoP, and I am the co-author of the standard.

Working in partnership with AXELOS, the course conductor data visualization team analyzed 9867 professionals with MoP certification, and created the below infographic. The aim of the infographic is to answer key gender-based questions, identify the independently highly rated MoP training providers, and understand how people feel about their MoP courses.

We are passionate about gender equality and diversity, so we invite you to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and if you enjoyed it, this infographic too.

Finally, this is the most extensive analysis of portfolio management skills published to date.  I would like to thank the Course Conductor data visualization team, and our colleagues at AXELOS for all the energy that went into this publication.




AXELOS Management of Portfolios infographic defining gender balance by

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