Social media statistics in the project management training industry.

Written by Craig Kilford@CourseConductor

56% of accredited project management training providers are using social media today.

We know this because we visited 1793 training provider websites, then went to each of their social media platforms and counted their followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube (yes we really did go to every site).

Why did we do this research?

We wanted to better understand how social media is used in the professional training industry.

At we are dedicated to helping business professionals make smarter decisions when purchasing professional training.  We provide the customer review mechanism and publish trusted training statistics so business professionals can save time and money when purchasing professional training.

Social media is a crucial mechanism for us to engage in conversations with our community, to share trusted training statistics, data visualizations and infographics.

Our findings in an infographic:

We discovered some incredible insights and we’ve answered our original questions using a very simple infographic for you. I hope you enjoy it.

This is the most comprehensive social media research that has taken place in the global project management training industry. Whilst the questions we had about the use of social media have been answered, by shining a light on this subject we now have even more questions!

1) Why do 44% of training providers have no social media presence?

2) Why is it that 66% of the followers of project management training providers use Facebook, and only 17% use LinkedIn?

3) Why do only 20% of training providers use YouTube, and only 4.1% of all followers use YouTube?

We would love to hear your thoughts about this infographic, did anything surprise you? What are your feelings about the use of social media in professional training?




Is social media used in professional project management training

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