Why 75 organizations invested in agile learning

Written by Craig Kilford@CourseConductor

We’ve been focusing a lot on the value of agile training.   For the first 5 years of my career now 18 years in portfolio offices, we had a training budget and our mission was to spend it.  Yes we wanted to spend it on training that was useful, but we didn’t really focus on the value and impact of that training.

This mentality is similar to the way projects were run back then too, the focus was on cost and getting the budget spent because going under budget was viewed as bad (if not worse) than going over budget.

However, for the last 13-15 years my focus has been on value,  I’ve always been asking my team about the value of the training before we decide to invest in it.  Whether I’m spending $5,000 or $500,000 – i want to know what the value is.

Things have changed since my early career, organisations expect analytics, they want the stats and they don’t invest until they have at least some level of confidence that the investment in training will deliver a return.

This is where Course Conductor’s latest Trusted Training Radar Report comes in, we’ve been researching the benefits of various agile training courses based on the feedback from organisations.   The visualisation below focuses on the fundamental reason that organisations invested in agile training in the first place – in effect it defines their target return on objectives.

In addition to this, our first Trusted Training Radar for AgilePM training has been released too, and you can access that from here. 




Why 75 organisations invest in agile

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