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We believe every professional deserves the best training. However, purchasing the right professional training is time-consuming, expensive, and biased.

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Course Conductor's training reviews and trusted statistics are independent, written by fellow professionals and help you decide which training provider is best for you and your company.

Founder and CEO

Craig Kilford

Whether it’s designing global standards in project portfolio management for the British Government, or working with Mayors to increase feelings of well-being across cities, Craig thrives on creating structures and communities that facilitate positive change.

During his 20 years of project portfolio management experience, Craig has provided strategic executive consultancy to high profile portfolios in the private and public sector, as well as delivering keynote speeches on portfolio management and creativity across the United States, UK, Australia and Canada.

Beyond being a published author, executive consultant and keynote speaker, he’s also an artist and has painted music live on stage alongside many of the worlds’ greatest musicians.


I was formerly responsible for the career paths and training budgets of large communities of professionals in various companies.

The way companies buy professional training is broken. Too much time and money is wasted trying to understand which training providers deliver high-quality courses. Testimonials can’t be trusted and ultimately the quality of training is hit and miss.

I started Course Conductor because investing in professional training is too important to be a gamble. By empowering the voice of the global professional community, Course Conductor’s trusted training reviews make it easy for business professionals to purchase the best training.

Who we are

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Connect professionals to the highest quality training, everywhere.