Our Story

Why we are here

We are here to help people and companies achieve their potential by making it easy to invest in the right professional training.

How we help

Everything we do at Course Conductor contributes to positively transforming the way companies invest in learning for their employees. Using independent customer review analytics our goal is to help our clients invest $50B on effective learning by 2023.

Founder and CEO

Craig Kilford

Craig is the co-author of the worlds most widely adopted portfolio management methodology (Management of Portfolios), and an experienced executive portfolio consultant.

Prior to starting Course Conductor, Craig spent 18 years energizing enterprise transformation by making it easier for companies to invest in the right projects, and deliver them the right way. Some of the industries that Craig has worked in include banking, insurance, gaming, emergency services, health care, national statistics as well as multiple government bodies.

Beyond being a published author, executive consultant and keynote speaker, he’s also an artist and has painted music live on stage alongside many of the worlds’ greatest musicians during their performances.


I was formerly responsible for the career paths and training budgets of large communities of professionals in various companies. I was continuously frustrated with the amount of time it took to select courses and training vendors because there is a lack of independent performance analytics in the training industry as a whole.

I started Course Conductor because I believe our skills are the key to successful transformation as individuals and as companies. I'm passionate about helping people-centric companies make more informed and successful training investment decisions. Course Conductor is leading the way by collecting peer-to-peer course review data and using our patent-pending algorithms to create unique analytics so companies can make wiser, quicker and more successful training investment decisions.

Who we are

Our Mission

Help people and companies achieve their potential by making it easy to invest in the right professional training.

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