Our Story

Why we are here

We believe skills are the key to successful transformation for people and companies.

How we help

Based on that belief, everything we do at Course Conductor contributes transforming the way companies invest in learning for their employees, by using independent customer validation analytics. By 2023, our goal is to help our clients invest $50B on learning that helps them succeed.

Founder and CEO

Craig Kilford

Whether it’s designing global standards in project portfolio management for the British Government, or working with Mayors to increase feelings of well-being across cities, Craig thrives on creating structures and communities that create positive change.

During his 20 years of project portfolio management experience, Craig has provided strategic executive consultancy to high profile portfolios in the private and public sector, as well as delivering keynote speeches about portfolio management and creativity across the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Beyond being a published author, executive consultant and keynote speaker, he’s also an artist and has painted music live on stage alongside many of the worlds’ greatest musicians.


I was formerly responsible for the career paths and training budgets of large communities of professionals in various companies.

The way companies buy and allocate professional training is broken. Too much time and money is wasted trying to understand which training providers deliver high-quality courses, and the majority of training is ineffective.

I started Course Conductor because I'm passionate about helping people-centric companies make more informed and successful training investment decisions. Everyone knows substantial portions of training budgets are wasted on ineffective training. We collect customer validation data about the training courses and vendors; then we use our patent-pending algorithms to create unique analytics that enables organizations to make wiser, more informed training investment decisions.

Who we are

Our Mission

Transform the way companies invest in learning for their employees, by using independent customer validation analytics.

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