Scoring Methodology

How the Trusted Training Radar™ helps companies:

Trusted Training Radar™ reports provide people-centric companies with game-changing independent analytics about the most trusted training providers. Using our independent scores of “Delivery Confidence” and “Satisfaction”; the Trusted Training Radar&#x2122 empowers companies to accurately benchmark performance of existing training vendors and make quicker, more successful training investment decisions.

How it works:

Course Conductor scores training vendors and their courses based on 106 independent calculations back up by detailed research.

Our unique patent-pending algorithm is applied to these metrics, and calculates the scores for Confidence to Deliver and Satisfaction. Trusted Training Radar™ Reports are published on a quarterly basis for individual certified courses.

The Trusted Training Radar™ scoring methodology:

The Confidence to Deliver score represents the probability that the training vendor will deliver target learning outcomes for the client. The score is affected by the following, in order of importance:

  • Training Vendor ratings based on references and / or interviews with training buyers that have previously purchased training services from the training vendor.
  • Achievement of target outcomes and return on objectives.
  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS) from the training buyer perspective.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • Online engagement and contribution to the professionals training industry.
  • Age of training vendor company.
  • Number of employees.

The Satisfaction score represents the course and trainer ratings from verified learners that attended the courses. The satisfaction score is affected by the following, in order of importance:

  • Learner ratings for course and trainer based on verified learner reviews.
  • Trust metrics based on the source, and type of learner review analyzed.
  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on overall course ratings.
  • Positive sentiment analysis.
  • Age of verified learner reviews.
  • Popularity based on the quantity of verified learner reviews.

Important Notes:

  • To be included on the Trusted Training Radar&#x2122, training vendors must use an independent customer reviews platform to gather learner feedback, and / or have at least 5 customer reviews on Course Conductor, and / or at least two references from training buyers.
  • All scores are normalized on the Trusted Training Radar&#x2122. This enables a level playing field when comparing and positioning vendors, irrespective of the training vendor size.
  • Self-published testimonials posted on training vendor websites are not considered trustworthy and as such are excluded from our research.