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Training provider: Pearce Mayfield

With this programme you will discover a self-directed learning approach that will enable you to focus on preparing for the PRINCE2 Re-Registration examination. Because we recognise that your time is at a premium, you will not have to attend a workshop or training course. You will determine the pace ... Read more

Training provider: IIL - International Institute for Learning

This course pulls together the most current and popular theories and writings on this complex topic and presents this amalgamated view in a highly interactive workshop and activity-based approach. Students will understand and have the skills required to build and participate in high-performance proj... Read more

Training provider: Pearce Mayfield

For any project, programme or change manager, the ability to successfully facilitate a group or a team meeting is one of the key success criteria. A one-day workshop designed to introduce you to some of the knowledge, skills and approaches that make for great facilitation. This learning event is fas... Read more

Training provider: Paradigm Consulting Group Inc

Unlike other facilitation courses, The Effective Facilitator devotes 80% of its curriculum to learning and practicing the group techniques that separate great facilitators from good ones. We focus on critical skills such as consensus building, keeping the group focused, generating energy, managing d... Read more