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Helping organisations increase their capability to improve continuously

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Management Consulting

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

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About Ian

I've been helping organisations to increase their capability for continuous improvement for more than two decades.

I've helped more than 200 clients implement a wide range of approaches to improve customer satisfaction, reduce process cycle-times, drive out waste and actively engage staff in continuous performance improvement.

I am also committed to providing pro bono consultancy support in the voluntary sector.

My experience covers the private, public and voluntary sectors and I've worked with Boards, Managers and Front-line Staff. I work as a Coach, Facilitator, Project Leader and Trainer.

I work as an independent consultant, with a network of Associates and Partners. I'm not wedded to a particular improvement methodology, but over the years I've learnt most of them and helped clients apply them, tailored to their starting point and needs.

My early career was spent in manufacturing where I had roles in R&D, Training & Management Development, Marketing, Procurement and Production Planning. Prior to becoming a Consultant, I was a Board-level manager who helped turn round an under-performing business by implementing a Total Quality Management (TQM) process.

Specialties: My areas of expertise and experience include: Business Process Improvement (BPI, BPM, BPR, Lean, Six Sigma, SPC, RCPS); Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard, Business Planning, Measurement Systems, Leadership Development, Developing High-performing Teams) and Project Management (Leading and Facilitating Projects, Setting up Projects and Programmes, Project Tracking and Control, Coaching Project Boards and Sponsors).

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