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Companies turn to Course Conductor to reduce the costs of selecting the best training vendors and increase the value of their investment in training.

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Our Trusted Training Radar® Reports make it easy for people-centric companies to see which training courses have added value for other companies, and which training vendors deliver consistent results. Using our independent measures of “Confidence to Deliver Training Outcomes" and “Learner Satisfaction”, companies can now access independent analytics that enable a drastic reduction in costs when selecting training vendors.


We'll tell you personally then the Trusted Training Radar® report is published. It will show you:

  • An objective view of the global training industry on a course by course basis.
  • What other companies have said about the impact the courses had on their people.
  • The important metrics that inform your training investment decisions.
  • Independent performance statistics to easily compare training vendors.

© 2018 Course Conductor LLC. Trusted Training Radar™ Reports are published by Course Conductor LLC. Course Conductor does not endorse any training vendor, or courses included in our publications. The information contained in the Trusted Training Radar reports have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable; including references from companies, independent learner reviews, training providers, examination institutes & online research carried out by Course Conductor Analysts. Course Conductor disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information & shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in such information.