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Last Modified: January 20, 2019

These User Review Guidelines (the “User Review Guidelines”) apply to reviews written and posted on (the website).

1. When can you write a review?
You can write a review when you have completed a training course from a Training Provider. In the following, we will use the term “User Experience” as a collective term for the following three situations:

(a) The review must relate to a User Experience you have had within the last five Years;
(b) You may only write about your own User Experience, i.e. you are not allowed to write a review about your family members’ or your friends’ User Experiences; and
(c) You are not allowed to write a review about a Provider if you are or were an employee of that Provider or if you are/have been the Provider owner, an executive or a family member of the Provider.
(d) You can only write one review per course, and you cannot edit that review once you have pressed “Submit” on the review page.

2. What should you write about?
When you write a review, it must reflect your own first-hand User Experience. You are encouraged to concentrate on relevant points of your overall User Experience that you feel would be useful to other professionals just like you.

3. How can I write a great review?
(a) Think about the “why”: The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a course, but identify why you liked or disliked the course and what value you experienced.

(b) Be specific: Your review should be relevant to the course you’re reviewing and focus on specific features of your experience, think about about which experiences you would find useful to read about if you were reading a review. People are often interested in the quality of training material, course content, the environment, the trainer, courses extras (such as provision of books etc) and the general customer support that was provided. In addition to writing about these experiences on the review page, we also enable you to indicate how you feel about each of these items by clicking a smiley-face indicator.

(c) Not too short, not too long: Written reviews should be at least 50 words and are limited 500 words, the most useful reviews are around 70-100 words long.

(d) Be honest: Integrity is our number one value and your honest opinion about your course experience is the key to your review. In much the same way as you would provide professional and constructive feedback to a colleague you work with, you should do the same with your Course Conductor review. We believe all intelligent feedback is positive because it helps us learn, grow and improve.

(e) Be original: Please don’t use quoted material from other sources such as other people’s reviews, websites, email correspondence etc. It’s your own personal perspective and feelings about your course experience that will help other professionals select the best course.

(f) Valid LinkedIn account and standard review formatting:

(i) The LinkedIn account associated with your Course Conductor account must be the account you use professionally because we may need to contact you about your review, if we can’t get in contact with you via email, or via LinkedIn we may delete your review which is a last resort for us and something we really don’t like to do.

(ii) Machine translated reviews that are unreadable or incomprehensible will not be accepted.

(iii) Please don’t use HTML tags and definitely don’t use ALL CAPS because no-one likes reading ALL CAPS.

(iv) Please remember that Course Conductor is a globally used website, so use standard english language. If you use slang, other professionals may not understand what you are saying.

(v) If you put any hyperlinks in your review it will be rejected, so please don’t put a hyperlink to the course, or your blog, or your LinkedIn profile or any other website.

(vi) If you have put lots of spaces in your review it will make it difficult to read, so your review will be rejected. Also, if you like to write the words of your review in another program such as MS Word and then copy into Course Conductor, please be careful because sometime strange symbols and repeated text will appear, and they will make your review look ugly.

(iv) Course Conductor is for English language use only. We definitely want to accommodate other languages in the future but for now, even though you might be clever enough to write a review in another language, please use English language.

4. When do we remove your review?
Fundamentally we do not remove reviews from the Website because we believe doing so is against our core values.
To ensure all reviews do not breach our Terms and Conditions and these User Guidelines our quality team read every review before the review is approved and published on Course Conductor. This is why on occasion it may take a up to 48hrs to publish your review.
If a review is in violation of these User Review Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and/or applicable law we retain the right to reject the review from being published on Course Conductor.

If the review has been flagged after it is published on Course Conductor we will investigate it. If, following an investigation, we believe your review breaches our User Review Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and/or applicable law we will remove it from the Website. Below are some examples of when we may remove your review:

(a) Your review violates our User Review Guidelines or Terms & Conditions.
(b) Your review is not based on a real User Experience.
(c) Your review violates other people’s or provider’s rights, including any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy/confidentiality and/or rights of publicity.
(d) Your review is of a marketing nature or has marketing purposes.
(e) You are a competitor of the Provider you have reviewed.
(f) You are or were an employee of the Provider you have reviewed or you are the Provider owner, a close relative to the Provider owner or an executive of the Provider.
(g) You have created multiple profiles to review the same Provider multiple times.
(h) Your review does not comply with applicable laws and regulations.
(i) Our fraud software has identified your review as being non-compliant with applicable law, our User Review Guidelines or our Terms & Conditions.
(j) We have asked you to send us proof of purchase for the course you reviewed and no, or insufficient, documentation has been provided within the deadline (see more in s. 7 below).

5. It is not Course Conductor’s role to be the judge of any situation between you and the Provider. If You and the Provider disagree on the course of events or a specific situation we WILL NOT get involved.
(a) We suggest that the Provider replies to the review so that other users of Course Conductor can see both versions of the situation.
We will not get involved in any way regarding situations where:
(b) Your review and the number of awarded stars are seemingly conflicting e.g. if you awarded a Provider only one star, but wrote a very positive review of the Provider.
(c) The Provider thinks your review is “unfair” e.g. because your dissatisfaction is a result of a mistake made by the Provider. Whether you feel dissatisfied is exclusively your subjective opinion and whether your dissatisfaction is appropriate is not a matter for us to decide. Such issues are left to be resolved between the involved parties, i.e. you and the Provider.
(d) The Provider you wrote a review about is taken over by new owners.

6. When do we ask you to provide proof of your User Experience, and what should you send us?
We may ask you to provide proof of your User Experience with the Provider that you have reviewed if we receive notice from the Provider, or another User that they believe the review breaches the terms and conditions, User Guidance or if our fraud software has flagged your review.

We will send you an email and ask you to provide proof of your User Experience within 10 days. Proof of purchase will be a form of an electronic receipt or invoice received after booking a course with the Training Provider. You must be able to send proof of your User Experience up to 6 months from the date that you wrote your review.

If you do not reply to our email, or you reply and do not provide suitable proof of purchase we will remove your review.

We do not share the documentation you send to us with any third parties, including the reviewed Provider. However, we may pass on your learner/participant ID number to the Provider, if applicable, unless you specifically ask us not to.

7. Fabricated reviews
COURSE CONDUCTORTM is a global community of professionals where you can freely share your User Experiences with the Provider. Doing so helps the Providers to evidence their quality publicly, and helps other professionals find the best courses.

Integrity is our number one core value and under no circumstances will we accept fabricated reviews, i.e. reviews that are not an expression of your genuine User Experience, for example if the review is created by or on behalf of the Provider.

We consider the creation of fabricated reviews a material breach of the terms & conditions you accepted when you signed up on our Website (“Terms & Conditions???), and we have a zero-tolerance policy against fabricated reviews. You can find the Terms & Conditions here.

Reviews that we deem false, fabricated or similar will be removed and can lead to the immediate blocking of your account and filing of a report with the relevant authorities.
If you suspect that a review is fabricated, we encourage you to notify us by using the ‘flag’ functionality on the review or by emailing us directly

8. Fabricated Reviews:

We take all reports of suspected fabricated reviews very seriously and investigate them. So please provide us with as much documentation and information as possible to substantiate why you suspect that a review is fabricated.

9. When do we alter your review?
We don’t want to alter any reviews but we reserve the right to filter, modify or remove any and all content on Course Conductor including reviews. We will only filter, modify or remove content if:

(a) The content of your review is based solely on ethical, political and/or value-oriented positions as opposed to a User Experience.
(b) Your review contains defamatory statements or is in violation of applicable law or our User Review Guidelines or Terms and Conditions.
(c) Your review contains violent or coarse language or has a sexist or racial tone.
(d) Your review reveals any personal information about another individual, including another person’s name, address, phone number, electronic mail address, credit card information or any other information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate that person.
You accept and agree that we may remove these items from the review. You also accept and agree that we may remove references to other providers and websites (including hyperlinks) from the review. Removed information is replaced with blank spaces or similar, and we will not otherwise make alterations to your review.

10. When do we block a user profile?
We may block a User’s profile if the user misuses our services, e.g. writing of fabricated reviews, abusive, disrespectful or threatening behaviour, spamming of the Website with marketing material, etc. or violation of the User Review Guidelines or Terms & Conditions.

11. What does it mean to block a user profile?
It means that we block the User’s possibility of signing in to the Website and using our services, including writing and reporting reviews. The user profile still exists, the user’s reviews are still available online, but the User cannot use our services.

12. How to delete a your account.
If you would like to delete your user account, please email
Please note that deleting your user account will not delete your reviews or other content on COURSE CONDUCTORTM

13. Misuse of the reporting functionality
You (and all other COURSE CONDUCTORTM users) have the ability to flag reviews that you believe are in violation of our User Review Guidelines (including applicable law). Please do not misuse this reporting functionality. Examples of such misuse include:

(a) Carrying out unfounded or incorrect flagging of positive reviews of a Provider which you have had, what you consider, to be a negative User Experience with,
(b) Reporting the same review multiple times when it has already been assessed.
We consider misuse of our reporting functionality a material breach of the Terms & Conditions.

14. Abusive, Disrespectful or Threatening Behaviour
COURSE CONDUCTORTM is a platform for professionals and we expect professionalism at all times. We do not accept in any form whatsoever, any level of abusive, disrespectful or threatening behaviour toward our employees, agents, Providers or any other users of COURSE CONDUCTORTM. We regard such behaviour as a material breach of the Terms & Conditions between you and us which will lead to the immediate blocking of your account and filing of a report with the relevant authorities if we believe it suitable to do so.

15. Questions or need more information?
Team Course Conductor is here to help you, so if you have any questions about the User Review Guidelines or any other subject, please email us:

16. Changes to the User Review Guidelines
We may, at any time and without notice, make changes to these User Review Guidelines. We will indicate, at the top of the User Review Guidelines when the User Review Guidelines were last updated.

You agree that the continued use of the Website after any modified version of these User Review Guidelines is your acceptance of the modified User Review Guidelines.